Outreach and Student Liaison programmes

What have we done so far to reach out to potential students – particularly those from under-represented groups? 

We have two established outreach and student liaison programmes in our faculty of which we are very proud. Here is an overview:


Following feedback from female academics that the burden on them to attend events was proving challenging, the faculty piloted a scheme to reduce demands on female academics whilst also increasing female representation at UCAS or Open days. As part of the scheme Postgraduate Research students and staff at Grade I or below were paid overtime to attend the events, alleviating the pressure on female academics whilst  early career staff a chance to develop student engagement skills.  


  • Since 2013 the SCEEM outreach program has reached more than 13,000 young people. Female representation at each event remains between 30% and 50% with similar reach projected for the next four years. 
  •  Each year we train around 60 students to become STEM Ambassadors and to deliver Digimakers, the school’s major outreach event. 
  •  Digimakers is advertised widely throughout Bristol to primary and secondary school children and is free to all participants. We have increased our focus on BAME students as well as those living in Polar 1 areas of deprivation by moving the event to a new location in Old Market and employing a marketing strategy that targets specific schools and areas. 
  •  By targeting specific schools, the Digimakers Roadshow has increased engagement and participation by BAME and Polar 1 students. 
  •  We have delivered Continuing Professional Development sessions in schools for female teachers. 
  •  Each year we deliver thewomen- and girls-only events Changemakers and Creators XX. 
  •  We’ve brought female industry ambassadors onboard to mentor participants at events in order to avoid overloading female academics.  
  •  For the annual Changemakers event we invited six local software engineering companies to collaborate with us taking part in a series of Herstories, visits to their offices and mentoring.  
  •  In 2018 we help deliver the faculty’s week-long summer school for BAME students. 
  •  Over 900 local students watched Ada.Ada.Ada an interactive production we commissioned to tell the story of computer scientist Ada Lovelace 
  •  Each year 30 Year 10 students take part in our work experience programme, with a 50:50 gender split in participants, as well as a high number of BAME and Polar 1 students. 
  •  The school has trained 300 students as outreach ambassadors. 
  •  The school has received recognition from central Widening Participation Team for adopting a more targeted approach to increasing female participation in its events. 
  •  We’ve implemented of Gender Decoder across all the school’s marketing materials. 
  •  We’ve created guidelines for marketing images
  •  We’ve created the Temple Quarter Enterprise Campus Engagement Fund to  expand the number of outreach activities we carry out with the local community there.  
  •  We’ve collaborated with local community groups like Knowle West Media Centre and Barton Hill Settlement to increase participation from BAME students. 
  •  In 2019-2020, all three school societies have a female president.  
  •  We’ve increased female participation in activities like Hackathon and Make-a-thon. 




  •  The school has a dedicated outreach team which was formed in 2016. Since then, 720 children have benefited from the outreach activities delivered by the team 
  •  Engineering Summer School for Year 11 girls is attended by 40 girls from across the country 
  • Work Experience Programme where we aim to recruit equal numbers of male and female students from Years 10 -12. Attended by 31 students, of which 13 were female. 
  • Participation in the Women in STEM Conference at Redmaids High, for approximately 400 girls in Year 10.   
  • “Design Build and Test” event organised for girls agreed 11 to 16 for the International Women in Engineering Day 
  • Participation in Science and Engineering Fair organised by SS Great Britain 
  • Outreach co-ordinator as a member of panel at We the Curious as part of 2017 Bristol and Bath Science Film Festival 

For more information about Digimakers, see here:


To get in contact with the Outreach and Student liaison programmes, contact: Engf-outreach@bristol.ac.uk