Our Faculty Strategy – ES2030

Our Engineering Strategy 2030 (ES2030) has four core underpinning priorities for the Faculty:

  • Inspire and develop future leaders through challenging educational offerings
  • Apply world-leading research to grand societal challenges
  • Partner with local and global innovators to accelerate impact
  • Advance equity and diversity

Our staff and ways of working (ES2030 strategy)

We will:

  • Create a positive, inclusive and vibrant environment that allows all staff and students to flourish, delivering on our ambition to recruit, retain and develop the best; supporting the generation of a talent pipeline to create the research,innovation and technology leaders of the future.
  • Create apposite, inclusive and agile Faculty organisations, structures and governance which are fit-for-purpose for the coming decades, and allow us to meet our commitment to the three pillars of digitalisation, sustainability and social responsibility
  • Identify potential future leaders and managers and support them in reaching their full potential.
  • Ensure all staff have access to effective mentoring and support schemes for their personal development and wellbeing.
  • Enhance Pathway 3 (teaching-focused academic roles) support with increased recruitment and improved promotion and progression opportunities, to expedite our education goals.
  • Identify recruitment priorities which meet the Faculty’s and Schools’ needs both for education and research, including foremost academic staff(and their teams)to enhance critical areas of activity, aligned to our overarching thematic framework.
  • Value contributions of staff and students, ensuring focus on their personal and career development as well as ensuring a fair workload and emphasis on wellbeing.
  • Commit to the principles enshrined in the Researcher Development Concordat.

Success will look like:

  • Our academic and professional/technical services communities are inclusive, diverse, motivated and enthusiastic and feel well-supported by the Faculty./li>
  • Staff and students have a clear understanding of expectations, a manageable workload, and prioritise their own well-being and the well-being of others./li>
  • Our workforce profile includes a diversity across all pathways, and all levels, with equal representation in leadership roles and on governing bodies./li>
  • Inspiring leadership and a clear vision and strategy are present across our organisational elements./li>
  • Effective and professional management at all levels, both academic and professional/technical./li>
  • We have a well-developed and proven approach for identifying, developing and supporting leaders and managers with robust succession planning in place./li>
  • We have a well-functioning and resilient Faculty structure, which provides a good place to work and supports our academic endeavours./li>