Annual Staff Review

Staff review 

Due to historically low engagement rates with Staff Review, the Faculty undertook a series of actions to improve what the annual review process meant to staff, and improve uptake and engagement with Staff Review.

Activities undertaken by the faculty to improve engagement with Staff Review:  

  • Staff Review training for all reviewers 
  • Centralised staff review meeting scheduling 
  • SMTs leading by example and continually encouraging engagement  
  • Support from HR and Systems team in provision of timely guidance and support 
  • Senior management team/School board acting as role models in delivery of Staff Review 


Realignment of review responsibilities so that every PW1 or 3 academic has a staff review with a professor from outside of their research group but within their department. Professors are generally reviewed by the head of department.  

As a result of this, engagement rates increased to 57% from 9% the previous year and in 2019-20 are at 82% engagement.  

CAME   Following a profile-raising campaign to highlight the career benefits, 2017-18 has seen a significant increase with 70% engagement.