National Postdoc Appreciation Week in Engineering

National Postdoc Appreciation Week in Engineering






This week (21-25 September) is National Postdoc Appreciation Week (NPAW).

To celebrate the contributions of researchers in the Faculty of Engineering, we have set up a series of events this Friday 25th September 2020:

  • Achievement Padlet – please use the following link over the course of the week to share your recent achievements – big or small.  Let’s celebrate together!
  • Zoom coffee social [Friday, 25 September, 10AM – 1PM] – please join the RA reps and your fellow postdocs for a relaxed coffee and chat. If you’re working on campus, we have free Source coffee vouchers worth 2.20!
    Email to claim one (@Kris will be in MVB all day Wed and Fri to give out vouchers)!
  • Teaching forum Zoom [Friday, 25 September, 2PM – 3PM] – please join us to discuss the recent changes to the sharing of teaching opportunities within SCEEM and any other teaching related issues.

Your SCEEM reps,

Jenna, Kris and Martin