Engineering Includes Me launch event

On July 8th, we launched Engineering Includes Me to all staff in our faculty. Our aim is to bring together all the people and action groups striving to make our faculty a more diverse, equitable and inclusive place to work and study. Nearly 100 staff joined us to hear about it – thank you to everyone who participated.

To find out more about this initiative, see here:

Or you can listen to the event recording here (top tip: due to technical issues at the start, you may want to commence listening at 10 minutes in!):

Thanks to Anne Roudaut, Shams Rahman, Claire Gronow, Marta Tazewell, Jenna Shapiro, Kris Nikov, Chiara Singh, Maitri Patel and Evan Roberts and Freya Dabson for speaking at or supporting the speakers at this event. And thanks to Rahim Ahmed and Jack McKenna for their support in organising it!