Supporting staff returning from Maternity, Paternity, Shared Parental, Adoption and Compassionate/Dependents leave

Guidance for line managers –staff returning from Maternity+ Leave (including maternity, extended paternity, shared parental, adoption and compassionate/dependents leave) during the Covid-19 period and as we transition out of it

Guidance for line managers:If you manage a member of staff who is returning from Maternity+ Leave (a term which includes extended paternity, shared parental, adoption, and compassionate or dependents leave), there are a number of actions you should undertake to support them.

During the Covid-19 period, when nearly all staff are working from home, it is even more essential than usual that as a manager, you offer people returning from Maternity+ leave extra support. Below is some guidance on what action to take.

Guidance for managers – staff returning from Maternity+ leave HERE

Alternative guides: Staff planning to go on Maternity+ leave

If you are a line manager and have just been notified that a member of staff is planning to go on Maternity+ Leave, please see here the Faculty’s guidance on managing the process from the beginning.

Guidance for managers – staff planning to go on Maternity+ Leave